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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Electric bike introduction

          Electric Bike catalogue 

          What is an electric bicycle?
          The motor is activated by turning the throttle. As such, there is no need for pedaling. However,
          one could still pedal at the same time and also decide how much electrical assistance one
          wants with the throttle.

          What is PAS system?
          At the same time,an electric bicycle can also have an PAS(Pedal Asistant System),usually it
          can offer 1:1 electric power equivalent to human power. An electric bicycle which has a PAS is
          also called Pedlec. The motor can only be activated as you pedal by means of a motion or
          torque sensor.it offen works through a torque sensor and VPAC(Variable pedal assist control)
          intelligent Torque Sensor controller, and then battery offer electric power accordingly,this kind
          of electric bike can also be called electric assist bike or power assisted bike.

          Electric bike categories

          Electric bikes(type)
          Electric bikes(type)Electric bikes usually be classified by use,suitable crowds,wheel size etc.

          So according to use and model,we can find out electric mountain bike,electric road
          ,electric city bike,electric folding bike etc.

          According to suitable crowds,we can find men's electric bicycle,ladies' electric bicycle,kids
          electric bicycle, Disabilities electric bicycle and so on.

          According to the regulations in different countries allow, there must be some controls and
          motor specifications to meet such requirements. The following regulations for the USA and
          Europe respectively.

          US standard
          an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, a top speed (on motor only) of 20 mph as a
          EU standard
          Pedelecs up to 25km/h (16 mph) and a motor no more than 250 watts rated output are considered bicycles.

          Electric bicycles(Size)
          Electric bicycles(Size)According to wheel size, you can find wheel diameter of 16",18",20",22",24",26",
          700C electric bikes in market,usually we have 16",20",24",26"bike sizes for you to choose,just depend on your preference.
          Electric Bikes(motor)
          Electric Bikes(motor)e-bike conversion kit
          a set of e-bike conversion kit make it possible for you to change your original bike into an excellent electric bike if you'd like.An electric bike kit is composed by a front wheel with a brushless hub motor,handlebar,brakes,battery pack, controller, charger, several wire,if necessory, add rear rack.
          e-bike parts
          Al alloy frame
          Lithium battery
          Brushless hub motor
          PAS intelligent controller

          Electric bike fittings

          Electric Bike List