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          We are a professional manufacturer which is making all kinds of Electric bikes such as Electric bikes(type) Electric bicycles(Bike Size) Electric bikes(frame type) Electric bikes(battery type) Electric bikes(price level) Electric bike fittings Electric Scooters Electric tricycle and so on.

          We are a professional manufacturer of folding electric bikes

          Other related products:

          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd

          1. Add:AddNo.399,Shicheng Street,Jinhua city,Zhejiang Province,China.
          2. WebSite:WebSitehttp://www.wzxiongying.com
          3. Sales Manager:Sales Manager
          4. Mobile:Mobile
          5. Tel:Tel+86-579-83236569
          6. Fax:Fax+86-579-89185890
          7. E-Mail:E-Mailsales@jb-electricbikes.com