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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          The new electric vehicle battery protection program

          Life in general electric car in about a year , due to the battery life issues seriously hampered the development of electric vehicles.

           Battery life due to their own characteristics ( large current generation have a serious impact on the life ) it is difficult to make a breakthrough , and now our company developed a new electric bicycle startup module with battery , high current discharge when farad capacitor in order to protect the battery discharge to do with .

          Farad capacitor charge and discharge times have long life more than 10W ~ 50W times instantaneous full charging time is short , low internal resistance suitable for high current discharge.

          EMU started supercapacitor module introduces
           Ultracapacitors for electric vehicle startup module is JIABAO E-Vehicle Co.,Ltd. developed a new patented product , which consists of two parts ; super capacitors and controllers.

            Electric vehicle motor capacitor module is completed or the energy needed to start a large current circumstances require. Start efficiency especially when the external characteristics of the northern winter , low temperatures due to deterioration of the battery degradation caused problems can be solved.

           Controller from problems with the work of the coordination between the capacitor and the battery module . It can start at the moment of electric vehicles into the capacitor module , disconnect in the normal exercise of ultracapacitors and to charge the capacitor , the capacitor group is ready for the next start input . This avoids the need for the electric vehicle to start large-current battery discharge current and reduce the battery due to the large current discharge damage to the battery life . In the course of the normal exercise of the electric car can also play a role in accelerating or climbing power through the controller input capacitance. It can also be at the right time to charge the capacitor bank into the state from discharging state , the capacitor for the next group ready to work .

                     Due to the battery using a large number of chemicals in production is inevitable to pollute the environment ; scrap battery recycling will spend a lot of manpower and material resources , such as improper recycling will also pollute the environment . When adding capacitor banks in electric car production and use, to extend the battery life from an environmental perspective, but also play a role.

           Today , the human voice for the protection of the environment more and more, our government has enacted policies on environmental protection , due to the capacitor modules used in electric vehicles can play a role in environmental protection , in the coming period of capacitors used in electric vehicles will be imperative.