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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Ultra thin electric bike looks like a credit card on wheels

          Electric bikes are great for commuting, but in some places, bikes are now so popular that finding somewhere to park them all can be quite a challenge.

          The Electric Bike Concept Ver2 from Yuji Fujimura looks to ease the parking space jam, with folding pedals and handlebars that leave you with a thin sliver of a bike. Special racks will allow about three of these bikes to fit in the space of one conventional bike. Like most of the new electric bikes, Fujimura's design lets you use pedal power, electric power, or a combination of both simultaneously,

          No new concept bike would be complete without at least one feature that caters to the gadgets we all carry around, so Fujimura's bike includes a compartment where you can charge your gadgets from the bike's lithium battery.

          This all looks very cool, but I'm a bit concerned that the bike's big flat sides are going to make it quite a handful to ride in a crosswind.
          electric bike looks