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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Wisper 905se Sport 2010 Electric Bike (14 amp)

           Wisper 905se Sport 2010 Electric Bike (14 amp)

          The 905 is the flag-ship bike specifically designed not only for looks and performance by Wisper but also as a bike that can be enjoyed with the motor turned off, however it is undoubtedly one of the finest looking e-bikes available, with superb performance specifications. Choice is a great thing and the 905 range consists of the 905 Eco, the 905se City, the 905se City S and the 905se Sport. The Eco is as the name suggests the basic bike in the range and the least expensive, the City has the accessories most useful in a commuting or city environment and the Sport has the accessories one would recommend for sports and fun use of the vehicle
          New for 2010 - Off Road Button supplied as standard
          Wisper 905se Sport 2010 Electric Bike (14 amp) Specification
           Motor 250w 36v High efficiency brushless
          Battery Lithium Polymer 36V 14A
          Charger Lithium 120 to 240V/37V 2A, fan cooled, alloy case, approved for worldwide use
          Modes Throttle and peddle assist, with on / off button on handle bars. Three levels of power assist 
          Controls: Handlebar control with power assistance control, front light control & bike on/off control
          Assisted Range  Up to 56 miles
          Maximum speed 15.5mph under power - Off road up to 18.5 mph with off road button
          Weight Bike with bayyery &  all accessories  - 25kg
          Gears Shimano SIS Alivio - 7 speed - 14/16/18/20/22/24/34T
          Frame Hand welded 6061 T3 Alloy T4 & T6 Tempered - Diamond Black Metallic Paint
          Forks Magnesium RST VITA Hydraulic Suspension with lock out  and adjuster
          Handle bars Black anodised riser bars with Ergo support grips.
          Brakes Rear Tektro Alloy V. Front TECTRO Novela vented disc brakes
          Chain wheel Alloy 48T pro wheel
          Pedals Alloy Non Slip MTB
          Wheels Alex 2100 26 x 1.5" rims
          Spokes 13g Stainless steel
          Chain KNC Z51RB Rust Resistant
          Seat Post - Alloy suspension
          Rims Alex Z2100 26" x 1.5
          Tyres & Tubes Kenda 26" x 1.75 puncture resistant with super tough tape & Slime
          Kick stand Alloy black twin fixing points
          Lights Side, back and front reflectors, front 36v 15w automatic LED light powered from the main battery
          Safety Bell
          Extras Sportmudguards, Water bottle holder, rear light, 
          All fixings Alloy or stainless steel
          How will my 905se Sport Arrive?

          We believe in offering our customers a choice and offer the options of home assembly or fully assembled. If you choose Fully Assembled your Wisper will be delivered fully assembled in our own custom made full size bike boxes. We fully build (including fitting the off road button) & test each Wisper so you simply have to pop on the pedals, turn the handlebars and charge the battery!!

          If you choose the Home Assembly option your Wisper is supplied in ex factory condition. Full details of what's involved can be found on the Wisper site under manuals but generally assembly will involve fitting the handlebar stem, front wheel, mudguard, seatpost, rack, light & fitting/connection of the off road button together with some adjustment of the brakes and gears.

           * Free Delivery to England, Wales & Scottish Borders - Discounted for all Isles and Islands - please contact for price.

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