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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Special Electric Bike Ends Long Journey

          2,500 miles is a long way to travelvia e-bike-even a recumbent that looks like it might belong to Speed Racer-but that's how far renewable energy advocate Tom Weis has come on his "rocket trike"in order to promote the goal of 100% renewable electricity for the U.S. in the next ten years. Weisrecently completedhis 11-state bicycle trip at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.The ride was sponsored by the likes of Earth Policy Institute,350.org, Greenpeace,AllEarth Renewables, and theWorld Future Council. Author Bill McKibbons, founder of 350.org, said, in a statement, "Politicians won't lead until we build a citizens movement powerful enough to challenge the might of the fossil fuel industry. That's what this ride is building towards."Special Electric Bike
          image via Ride for RenewablesWeis
          the president of Climate Crisis Solutions, made his trip in an enclosed recumbent known as the"Go-One3"souped up with a 350 Watt Bionx electric motor for a little help with the hills. The bike features joy-stick steering, drum brakes, ventilation inlets, wheel housings that prevent water splashing and a seat "comfortable enough to sit on for long ride days."Also helping to make the long ride more comfortable were features like a fully-removable, roll-up canvas top in case of cold or inclement weather, solar-powered LED turn signals, solar powered headlamps and rear lamp, and a mounted, solar-charged iPhone/camera.While in Washington, Weis hopes to meet with the President and First Lady, and key leaders of Congress, to share what he's learned from the American people, en route–namely, that the solution to both the economic and climate crisis is "an American-led green industrial revolution."Looking for green gadget gift ideas for this holiday season? We have you covered with our annual Green Gadgets Holiday Gift Guide –check it out now!(www.wzxiongying.com)
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