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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Lithium car is expected to account for 20% market share in 2015.

           electric bike lithium energy storage power station new demand driven, it is expected that the 2012-2015 demand for lithium-ion battery will gradually accelerate growth, the industry was explosive growth. In 2015, domestic demand for lithium-ion batteries total will reach 43.82 million kwh, expanded to 4 times at this stage, common benefit downstream industry chain, fence panels manufacturers.
          Four years, four times, the huge space in double driven by incremental demand and the stock of new ones, the 2015 annual sales of electric bicycles is expected to reach about 55 million. Increased year by year, as the proportion of the drive power by a lithium-ion battery to reach 20% in 2015. Estimated 2012-2015, the total demand of the electric bike field of lithium-ion batteries accumulated about 13.01 million kwh, corresponding to a market value of about 26.2 billion yuan.
          Is expected that the demand for lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones, laptop computers, power tools, and other traditional areas will maintain stable growth in the next two years, a year-on-year increase of about 17%. Traditional markets to maintain steady growth in electric bicycle lithium the new needs of the lithium-ion battery technology to stimulate new energy vehicles in 2015, we expect passenger cars and commercial vehicles in car sales accounted for 1%, China’s cumulative sales reached 540,000, new the field of energy automotive the cumulative lithium ion battery demand totaled 19.56 million kwh, corresponding to a market value of about 39.4 billion yuan. The installed power generation capacity in accordance with the average annual growth rate of 8.6% growth in 2015, the total installed capacity is expected to reach 1.45 billion kilowatts.
          Assuming that the 2015 daily generating capacity of 40% needs to be stored, tower crane, energy storage power station is stored only 0.15%, which accounted for 30% of the lithium-ion battery energy storage, the corresponding of 7,150,000 kwh lithium-ion battery demand. 2012-2015 we expect a total of about 10.55 million kwh energy storage field of lithium-ion battery demand fussballschuhe günstig kaufen, corresponding to a market value of about 21.3 billion yuan. Energy storage power station brought the cumulative growth of the order of magnitude of the lithium-ion battery industry new energy vehicles new market value of about 39.4 billion yuan.
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