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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Electric bike green "Savior" Pioneer

          China in recent months, the degree of public concern for environmental pollution continues to heat up, years ago, first hot PM2.5 nationwide panic, New Arrivals Top headlines groundwater pollution environmental protection and management issues onto the public opinion center. The sustained attention of the public on environmental issues prompted more and more people are seeking more environmentally friendly low-carbon lifestyle, electric bike as green travel pioneer, has once again become the focus.

          Electric bicycles in China since the 1990s, has been China's urban and rural residents, especially in the second and third tier urban residents travel one of the preferred mode of transportation. Today, China has a huge electric bicycle ownership, the electric car brand everywhere, and there have been new electric cars so the world's leading enterprises. "Low-carbon, green, environmental protection is also jiabao electric car electric car companies who agreed to promote the product concept.

          Someone once had an account balance, self-driving travel 100 km, fuel consumption of about 9 liters, an owners traveling 10,000 km and fuel consumption of 900 liters, the carbon dioxide emissions of 2070 kg, if he has 30% of the time change electric bike, 592.2 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. Then multiply this figure by more than 100 million in China's electric bike crowd, and the results are shocking.

          With the increased social emphasis on environmental issues, more and more low-carbon energy industry usher in a new development peak. Industry leaders, new electric cars at the 2008 Olympic Games to the fact proved the advantages of low-carbon electric cars. With increasing degrees of public awareness of the importance of environmental issues, greening of electric cars will eventually be in every household.