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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Electric Bikes Are The Rage When Going Green

          We know biking around town is a great way to save on energy and spend some calories, but not everyone can peddle for hours. Because of this, two local men got behind an idea that combines the great outdoors with great technology.

          Their bicycles run on battery power, so they save on gas. They can go as far as 35 miles on one charge, with just pennies. The models start at a few hundred dollars and can go up to the thousands.

          And all you have to do is twist the throttle. An electric bicycle is ideal for Scott Diffenderfer, who was found testing one out on South Beach by CBS4 cameras.

          "I ride a lot. I do my errands on the bike, I go to the grocery store on my bike," said Diffenderfer, who wants the electric bicycle to commute to work.

          But with the summer heat on its way, traditional peddling can get messy, so he is looking forward to having a choice with an electric bicycle. "In the morning, it is not so hot, and then you can glide home at night with the motor," said Diffenderfer.

          The concept seemed so perfect for South Florida that the two local men left their day jobs and opened The Electric Bicycle Store. They own one in Fort Lauderdale and opened their newest shop on Miami Beach.

          "There is something about them. The minute you get on them, it releases your inner child. I don’t care how old you are," said Scott Balson, owner of The Electric Bicycle Store.

          And with some electric bicycles, users can peddle while using the motor and still get exercise.

          "It is like an exercise bike at the gym. You are not staring at a computer monitor or a TV monitor. You are out and about staring at the weather," said Balson.

          It’s also practical. Users can save money, get in a workout and save the environment.

          "This is just another way to get people out of their cars," said Diffenderfer.

          The Electric Bicycle store sells almost 30 styles from 11 brands. And if you want to try them out, they also rent electric bicycles for the day.