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EPAC Standard for e-Bikes Expected for April

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The EN 15194 standard for EPACs (Electronically Power Assisted Cycles) is expected to be implemented next April. With the new standard the European e-Bike market will change drastically as EN 15194 include complex Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements.
The implementation date of April 2009 is not officially announced by the CEN Technical Committee TC333 which is handling the EN 15194 standard. However, strong rumours among e-Bike manufacturers and suppliers indicate clearly that this will be the timing of the publication as EN standard.
As the final voting round has already taken place with all CEN members (30 countries) agreeing on this standard, the last step for the implementation of the standard is publication. All CEN-member countries will publish this standard as a national/EN standard like for instance in Germany as DIN EN 15194.

A detailed report on the EN 15194 standard for EPACs including Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements will be published in Bike Europe’s February edition; publication date February 20, 2009.