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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          Daily benefits of riding a bike

          Daily benefits of riding a bike
          Not sit in the office enough? Car into a bike, no traffic jams troubles, both fuel-efficient shop on the road and no parking fees. Etc. Riding to the unit, the body slightly a little sweat, a day’s work but also special
          With the spirit. How wonderful! Who says you want to look at a good body, how can you miss such a good sport?

          Many people think that cycling is a simple physical activity. In fact, a different way of cycling exercise effect very different.
          First, the speed law.
          stepl: Slow Ride Act. Person’s heart rate slow ride is generally not to exceed the maximum small rate of 65%. To relax the muscles, plus take a deep breath, so as to achieve the role to ease the physical and mental fatigue.
          Step2: fast riding. The fast riding people’s heart rate more than 85% of the maximum heart rate, this approach can improve the whole body, especially the thigh muscles without hydrogen athletic ability.
          step3: speed riding law. Speed ​​riding is to control heart rate, maximum heart rate of 65% -85% range, which can effectively improve heart and lung function, exercise the body’s aerobic exercise
          step4: fast and slow method. The pace combined Long Ride able to combine enhanced aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, heart and lung function, but also increase the fun.

          Second, the exercise bike five methods.

          stepl: reduced fat cycling method. Cycling at a moderate speed and generally uninterrupted ride more than 40 minutes, keeping in mind the law of breathing, reduce fat very effective.
          step2: power cycling method. Depending on the conditions that force to go riding, such as: Shangfen or uphill the adjusting gear size, this method can improve the legs of muscular strength or muscular endurance qualities.
          step3: intermittent cycling method. Cycling, first in slow riding for 1-2 minutes, then 15-2 times faster ride two minutes, and then the slow ride, then back to fast, so alternately follow
          Ring exercise, can improve the adaptability of Training the stingy For aerobic exercise.
          Cycling very important points
          Bike to work. Is definitely a multiplier fitness exercise our powers, save time, and exercise all parts of the body function. Save costs. Cycling should note the following:
          A bike wearing professional sports gloves, anti Juan, after falling to protect hands.

          No matter what kind of bike riding, if it is to reduce fat, need every 5-10 minutes for replenishment.
          3 seat position is very important, the person standing on the ground, side leg lift, thigh parallel to the ground, the height of the seat height can be consistent.