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electric folding bikesJinhua JOBO Technology Co.,Ltd (previous name Jinhua Jiabao Vehicle Co., Ltd) established in 2000 year, located in Jinhua industry park, Zhejiang Province,China.Our factory has 12 plants with 100,000 square meters.
We are a large-scale enterprise specializing in R&D,manufacture and sales of electric bicycles and tricycles. We have a professional R&D team, including the first Executive Director of the Electric Bike Chamber of Commerce of Jinhua. Since our establishment 10 years ago, we've broadened our business areas, improved product quality and earned a good reputation with our clients.
Our strength products for exporting is light weight electric bicycles with high quality Li-ion battery and Aluminum alloy frame,such as electric mountain bikes, electric folding bikes, electric city bikes and so on.we've had above 5 years manufacture of electric bike for exporting. We always insist on offering high quality products and good service and support for our customers all over the world. And we always closely follow the world trend of electric bicycle, new items are released every year. so our products are welcomed by good quality, advanced style and good quotation,especially in europe, America,Austrilia, and so on.OEM orders are also welcomed according to your detail requirments. ...
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In a systematic energy flow comparison, a grid-charged battery driving an electric motor will provide mechanical energy about ten times more efficiently than a human eating a typical US diet. For personal travel between 5 and 30 miles per day, the electric bicycle offers the lowest environmental and personal monetary cost, usually without increasing urban travel time"
From Energy,Global Warming, and Electric Bicycles
Energy Flow Analysis with an Emphasis on Personal Transportation
4. No Sweat!
Sweat may not be a serious issue when youre out for a leisure ride, but its more important if youre cycling to work. Although some employers are rather grudgingly providing showers and other facilities for cyclists, the great majority have no intention of doing so. An electric bike eliminates the problem at source. In hot weather, its possible to maintain a normal schedule by transferring a bit more load to the electric motor. In colder weather - or if you feel in need of exercise - just throttle back, or turn the motor off.
5. Clean & Green
Electric bikes obviously consume energy, where a conventional bikes does not (provided we ignore the environmental cost of growing and processing food - see below). However, the amount of energy used is very small compared to a moped, motorcycle or car. Besides fuel, the only consumables are the batteries, and these can normally be recycled when life-expired. As for energy use, electric bikes typically consume fuel at an average rate of 100 to 150 watts of electrical energy, against 15,000 or so for a car (admittedly travelling much faster). In terms of fuel consumption, an electric bike achieves about 800-2,000mpg (290 - 700 litres/kilometre) (d). No other commercially available vehicle can match figures of this kind.
If its hard to place these numbers in your own lifestyle, think of a 100 watt electric light bulb burning for an evening - thats enough energy to propel an electrically-assisted bike for 20 to 40 miles...
6. Genuinely Sustainable
Theres a lot of nonsense talked about sustainability in transport, but an electric bicycle can be made genuinely sustainable. Purchase electricity from a green supplier, or generate your own with ...

Electric Bike News

  • The new electric vehicle battery protection program
  • Life in general electric car in about a year , due to the battery life issues seriously hampered the development of electric vehicles.
  • New York, by the end of May start bike-sharing program
  • New York City has decided to be implemented from 27th of this month bike-sharing projects that facilitate the general public and tourists, and hope that people will accept this kind of low-carbon energy-efficient mode of transport.
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