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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !

          About us

          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co.,Ltd after its recent renaming project,with an area of over 10,000 square meters standard factory buildings ,modern office buildings and used to be  under the name of  Jinhua Jiabao Vehicle Co.,ltd was established in 1999. Except from all that,there is something distinguishing of which JOBO is very proud,the  professional leading team as the compass ,trustworthy technique skills as the engine ,customer-oriented management as the sail and devoted employees as the fuel ,all that is indispensable for a ship to go afar as JOBO's aim to a international branding.

          One thing needs to be pointed out,JOBO's professional R&D team made it possible to provide OEM products as well in which delivery within-one-month is guaranteed. All of these notable features led to where JObO stands now i.e. quality 2500 pieces products every single month. Unlike other factories that are just assembling the parts together from suppliers,JOBOs'remarkably amazing technical team has innovated and developed JOBOs' own advanced electronic parts which is one of its kind. electric mountain bikes, electric folding bikes, electric city bikes With increasing pressure from competitors,JOBO is treading cautious with attention paid to every detail in every transaction; and with a steadily growing amount of customers, JOBO is about to taking off on its course; Hence,our endeared clients ,trust your judgment,we ,as the JOBOs,won't let you down.

          Electric bikes workshop Bicycle exhibition hall

          Electric bikes workshop Bicycle exhibition hall


          CE-electric bike CE motor