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          Jinhua JOBO Technology Co., Ltd   Professional E-bike Manufacturer !


          Thanks for your purchase of our quality products.we are confident that our products will exceed your expectations for value.performance and ride quality.Each “JIABAO” E-bike has been checked and ridden before packing and every effort has been made to arrive to you in top quality condition.Quality Warranty terms:

          1. Frame:3 years quality warranty.
          2. Battery: we provide 12 months quality warranty time for lead acid battery and 24 months quality guarantee for Li-ion battery.
          3. Electric motor: we provide as long as 24 months quality warranty.
          4. Charger: we provide 12 months quality warranty.
          5. Controller: we provide 12 months quality warranty.
          6. Throttle: we provide 12 months quality warranty.
          7. Tyre: we provide 6 months quality warranty.
          8. Brake system: we provide 6 months quality warranty.

          NOTE: This warranty is limited to the original purchaser only.Normal wear,accident,abuse,neglect,improper assembly,use of parts not originally intended for use with the “JIABAO” will invalidate your warranty.
          We hope you enjoy the "JIABAO E-BIKE" and all the benefit it will bring.

          Why we are so confident to provide so long time of quality warranty?

          1. JIABAO focus on the oversea market especially European and American markets,we consider quality as our life,so we are quite confident of our quality.
          2. We carry on periodic training to our staffs,in order to enhance their consciousness of quality.
          3. Each E-BIKE will be strictly checked before it launch into the market, to insure it can reach your requirments and satisfy you.
          4. We check all the components before assembling,to make sure that broken or deficient components will not be fixed to the bikes.
          5. We always try to improve the quality of our products; meanwhile we pay much attention to our customer service. We will provide a certain amount of free spare parts to you when you place a quantity order. Quality problems will be solved at the first time when you come across it.
          6. JIABAO choose good suppliers to cooperate with, the main fittings are mostly from Japan,Taiwan and other top suppliers,such as SHIMANO, ZOOM, NECO,KMC,KENDA etc.
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